Linksys AC1600

Here, you will gather knowledge about Linksys AC1600 router device, which is newly launched networking device.

On this page, we will share configuration details, how you can update the router, how you can reset the router to dispel any problem.

So, now, let’s start with the Linksys AC1600 setup and then continue with router configuration process. By completing the setup, you can easily access the features like Linksys cloud, Linksys remote management and more others.


Linksys AC1600 Setup

You have to connect the smart router with your home modem or your ISP gateway with the help of Ethernet cable. Then, configure it through your computer.

Connect Router to Modem

You have to place the router close to the modem and then find the router WAN port and modem LAN port.

  • Connect the Ethernet port to the founded ports.
  • You must make sure the cable is not damaged.

Now, you have to turn on the router and modem by plugging the power cord in the wall socket. It is time to move onto the next step that is configuration.

Configure Linksys AC1600

To manage the settings of the Linksys smart WiFi router, you have to connect your computer to the router with the help of LAN cable.

  • After linking computer to the router, you must open updated web browser.
  • You have to type the login URL or IP address
  • Search it and you will get to the login page of the interface, where you have to enter login credentials.
  • Login credentials are given in the user manual or on the label of the Linksys AC1600 smart router.
  • Just type the credentials and hit the Enter button, and then you will reach to the interface page.


Now, you can configure the router settings and networks, so that you can experience full potential of Linksys WiFi router. Let’s see how you can initiate firmware update from mentioned interface.

Linksys AC1600 System Firmware Update

You can easily initiate firmware system update with the help of your computer by accessing interface. Just follow some steps after log in to the Linksys router.

  • You have to go to the Advanced Settings and select Firmware tab.
  • In this tab, you have to find the latest version of firmware and download it.
  • After downloading it just install it by uploading it in same Firmware tab.

In between the process, you shouldn’t turn off the router or computer, because it will stop the installation.

After completing the Linksys AC1600 router setup, you must change the admin credentials (username and password) for security reasons.

Linksys AC1600 Admin Password Change

You can change the AC1600 admin password by accessing the interface, and then follow some instructions.

  • Go to the Settings and open the Admin window here.
  • You will find the current in use admin credentials for access interface.
  • Now, edit the password by clicking on the password field.
  • Add your desired password here and save it by clicking on APPLY button.

If you have face any serious problem related to the router setup or the internet connectivity, then you have to reset the router by following some steps given down here.

Linksys AC1600 Reset Process

Find the reset button on the back of the router and give it a long press to start the process. But you have to re-configure the router by log in to the router interface.

Here, in this page, you have learned how to complete setup Linksys AC1600 WiFi router. then you have seen and get knowledge about how to update router, change admin password and reset the Linksys AC1600 router.

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