Linksys Smart WiFi Router Login process

Linksys Smart router can be easily installed in your house with the help of simple steps. You just have to make a connection between the router and modem using an Ethernet cable.

After establishing the link in between Linksys smart router and your home modem, you have to the log in to the smart WiFi interface to adjust its settings and network.

Here, you will find some easy instructions that’ll help you reach the Linksys smart WiFi login interface page. We will also add information and instructions to update the smart WiFi and change the admin credentials.

Login Process of Linksys Smart Router

There are the steps to access the Linksys interface, but first, you have to link router to the home modem.

First: Connect Router to Modem

  • Place the router near to the modem and find the WAN port of the router, then the LAN port of the modem.
  • Now, use the Ethernet cable, insert its ends to the router and modem ports that you found.
  • It is time to turn on the router by plugging its power cord to wall outlet and hitting its On/Off button.

After linking the router to the modem, just connect a computer to the router by using the LAN cable. Then follow the below-written instructions to access the interface.

Second: Access Linksys Interface

  • Find a web browser in your computer and search the login URL address or you can use the IP
  • The login page of the interface will show up on the screen, where you have to type in the credentials (username and password).
  • To enter the login details, you must use the Linksys smart router user manual.
  • Just type the username and password, then click on the NEXT button to access the interface.
  • From the interface, you can easily configure your WiFi settings and networks.
Access Linksys Interface

To make the login process smooth and error-free, you must apply some troubleshooting tips written below.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Never use damaged cables to connect the router to the modem.
  • Don’t log in to the Linksys interface through the outdated version of the web browser.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct URL that is or IP address to access the interface.
  • Type in the correct username and password by using the user manual to access the Linksys smart WiFi login interface page.

This interface also helps you to update the router firmware and update the admin login credentials easily. Let’s see how you can update your Linksys device and how to change the admin credentials.

Update Smart Router Using Interface

By updating the Linksys smart router firmware, you will get new exciting featuresand bug fixes. You can simply upgrade it with the help of interface. Just apply some steps down here to initiate the firmware update.

  • Access the Linksys smart router interface by searching the on your computer.
  • Go to the Settings, find and click on the Firmware tab.
  • Here in this firmware tab, you will see current in-use firmware version.
  • To check and start the upgrade process, locate the SEARCH and UPDATE button and click on it.
  • After the new version is downloaded, the router will install it by rebooting itself, so don’t turn off the router or computer.
linksyssmartwifi com Interface

Now, you must know how to change the admin credentials to make the interface secure for login.

Change Admin Credentials Using Interface

To add admin password through the interface, just access the interface of the Linksys WiFi smart router. Log in using your computer, which is connected to the router through a LAN cable.

  • Enter the URL in the web browser to access the interface.
  • Select the Settings and click on the Admin Option.
  • You will see username and password fields.
  • To edit the password of the admin username, just click on it.
  • Add your new password and save it by selecting the APPLY button.
Change Admin Credentials

Here we end this informative page, where you have learned how to access the Linksys smart WiFi router login interface. Hope, you have gone through all the information and adjusted router settings and networks.

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